Our latest little rescues… 7 unplanned unwanted pups delivered to Lucinda in Lismore yesterday. I drove out & picked up the 2 girls. The litter had been gorging on cheap rolled oats for weeks…. their little bellies were distended & the drive back to Byron was fraught with poo & vomit (not parvo – porridge!). Last night they projectile vomited huge amounts of “weetbix smelling” goop… today they looked bright & happy… they are settling in well with our new foster carers Kate & Troy.


Check out these two little cuties, rescued yesterday by Byron Dog Rescue and now in fabulous foster care with Kate & Troy, near Byron Bay.

Chico & Hazel are the sweetest little 14-week-old female Kelpie x Staffy pups, both now wishin’ & a prayin’ for permanent, loving, capable homes.

These girls are going to be loyal, affectionate, very bright & active and will need lifestyles that include plenty of mental & physical stimulation, training & socialisation.

They were microchipped and vaccinated today and received a clean bill of health. Please phone Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to meet Chico and/or Hazel.