Hullo, how ye daein? Ma name’s Skip, an’ I’m a 13-years-young castrated Jack Russell laddie 🐶

Och aye, I admit I’m a wee manky with ma dangling extra nipple, ma mangy coat, ma cataracts and ma selective hearing… or maybe I’m a tad deaf? 😆

Anyhoo, I’ve still got some life in me… as you can see from the pics… I bide with the bigger dogs on the property and found the visiting bonnie-bairn Basenji rather alluring… even tried a tad of doggin’ 😅

I’m still pretty canny, very endearing once ye get to know me & I enjoy a good kip 😴

With some one-on-one lovin’, plenty of spoilin’ & TLC, I reckon I could scrub up nicely, steal yer heart and put a smile on yer face…

…so if you’re not skint and you’ve got a yearning for a rough n’ ready ol’ buddy, call Shell on 0458461935. Cheerio, Skip 😉

MC: 982009105101414