As predicted, little 13½-year-old Jack Russell “Skip” has charmed and wormed (both figuratively & literally 😆) his way into the hearts of his loving foster-carers, Barbara & Paul.

Skip is completely enamoured of Paul, who he never takes his eyes off and has become his little apprentice in the garage and the garden. Barbara has co-ordinated Skips post-operative ear and skin-infection treatments both skilfully and effectively (his mouth has healed, his chronic ear-infection has been eradicated and his hair is growing back – looking and feeling soft & clean).

After $1,400 worth of post-operative treatments and operations (9 rotten teeth removed, chronically infected ears thoroughly flushed and a large tumour removed from his chest) Skip is one happy, pain-free boy. His tail never stops wagging and sometimes rotates at great speed like an aeroplane propeller.

When he knows he’s off for a walk, he literally bounces down the path like a baby lamb, skipping his way across the cobbles. (Please check out the gorgeous video Barbara’s daughter and grandson compiled).

Skip is currently holidaying in Iluka with Barbara & Paul, enjoying lovely new walks and lots of novel smells.

What an absolute pleasure it’s been to help smart, canny little Skip overcome some long-standing maladies and witness his complete transformation and new lease on life. So many thanks to BDR/CAWI for funding this, to vet Lauren & team and of course foster-carers-extraordinaire; Barbara & Paul  💖💖🐚



After an initial visit to the vet, Lauren verified that little Skip needed some essential help. Once his blood work results confirmed he would recover wonderfully from general anaesthesia, he was booked in for numerous treatments.

Last Friday, the stoic little chap arrived at North Coast Vets where upon he was bathed and anaesthetised. He was vaccinated, had his badly infected ears thoroughly flushed, nine teeth out, nails trimmed and his large pendulous chest mass removed.

A huge thank you to Lauren and her team for assisting Skip in every way possible and for capping his vet bills at $170 (initial consult & blood work) + $1,000 (for numerous surgeries).

Skip’s brand-new foster-carers Barbara & Paul adoringly picked him up on Friday evening and have begun his rehabilitation process, which will include time and treatments, including a course of antibiotics, daily ear drops and medicated shampoos for his severe skin infections.

I visited Skip on Saturday evening, discovering him curled up in a luxurious bed next to the heater. He opened his eyes, suddenly leapt out of bed and scampered over to say hi.

Barbara & Paul report that they’re hard-pressed to keep up with Skip. He’s a crafty one, having wangled his way into their bedroom of a night-time and is literally dragging them around South Golden Beach on his quest for smells and adventure. They feel sure that when he can visit the beach, he’ll be out swimming with the dolphins  😆🐶🐬


Hullo, how ye daein? Ma name’s Skip, an’ I’m a 13-years-young castrated Jack Russell laddie 🐶

Och aye, I admit I’m a wee manky with ma dangling extra nipple, ma mangy coat, ma cataracts and ma selective hearing… or maybe I’m a tad deaf? 😆

Anyhoo, I’ve still got some life in me… as you can see from the pics… I bide with the bigger dogs on the property and found the visiting bonnie-bairn Basenji rather alluring… even tried a tad of doggin’ 😅

I’m still pretty canny, very endearing once ye get to know me & I enjoy a good kip 😴

With some one-on-one lovin’, plenty of spoilin’ & TLC, I reckon I could scrub up nicely, steal yer heart and put a smile on yer face…

…so if you’re not skint and you’ve got a yearning for a rough n’ ready ol’ buddy, call Shell on 0458461935. Cheerio, Skip 😉

MC: 982009105101414