When 8-year-old Labrador Barkley arrived into BDR’s foster-care, he certainly lived up to his name and boasted a bark that could wake the dead. He’d also lived his entire life outside, sleeping in the shed. Additionally, he was utterly ball-obsessed and showed little interest in affection or connecting.

Then one day, when I dropped round to take him for a beach romp, he recognised me, ran to the door in greeting displaying his full-body Labrador wag, he leaned in against me and looked up into my eyes… OMG I cried, there you are Barkley! My heart melted and tears trickled down my face.

When James, Louise and their two children took Barkley on an adoption-trial, I voiced this revelation and begged them to welcome Barkley into not only their lives, but also their family and home.

Photos of Barkley relishing affection, pats and cuddles inside the family home arrived that very evening. He has since become super affectionate, loves his daily beach adventures, adores the kids and is most definitely a well-loved and established member of the family.

We suggested strategies for reducing Barkley’s ball-obsession and for managing his deafening barking – James has implemented these strategies wholeheartedly and with great success.

A final heart-warming anecdote: James tells me that Barkley enjoys his time-out bed in the adjoining garage and he takes himself there of an evening. When James or Louise are ready to put the kids to bed, they are often AWOL… but are soon discovered lying draped around Barkley on his bed  🙏💘 🐚

8-year-old desexed-male black Labrador Barkley, needs a new loving fun home.

Barkley has been very well cared for and is in great condition with a beautiful coat and tons of energy. He may have a touch of Kelpie in him, as he can play for hours without ever tiring.

He loves to play ball (obsessively) but will interact with his foster-carers and other dogs if the ball is removed. He is a big gentle boof-head who is calm and mellow with children & dogs, plus he has lived with cats & chickens. He knows basic commands but can be inconsistent with obeying. He has good recall especially if bribed with the ball.

Barkley has always been an outdoor dog so he’s familiar and comfortable with that. Alternatively, if a family wished to embrace him into their home lives, he will need some time to understand and welcome/return affection. He certainly has the capacity to become a gorgeous loving boy and devoted, dependable family member.

For more information, please phone Shell at BDR on 0458461935.

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