1½-year-old Border Collie x Kelpie/Dachshund ‘Betty’ is the second pup we’ve re-homed successfully from the litter of six, whose mum died from a brown snake bite soon after giving birth. The pup’s owner has found re-homing the gorgeous litter near on impossible after hand-rearing them and forming a strong attachment.

With careful BDR screening/selection practices and lengthy meet-ups, Betty was finally allowed to pirouette away with Taya & Rich for a 3-week-trial-adoption.

Although the busiest, bossiest, bitchiest of the litter – beautiful Betty adored Taya & Rich from the outset, and Taya & Rich, having valuable experience with very active breeds, knew exactly how to gently socialise, train and effectively exercise Betty from day one.

Taya was literally waiting by the phone for my call on the final day of the trial period – “We absolutely, massively, totally are IN LOVE with Betty and she has settled with us beautifully… we are such a happy family of three!”

Good on you Betty!

We, and your previous mum, are so delighted that you found and adore your very own family ♥🐶♥