2½-year-old Bulldog x Red Cattle Dog Mack, has been successfully adopted by Tanya, Scott and 9-year-old Oliver.

Mack has bonded nicely with everyone in the family who find him a smart, loving, gentle, sooky, stubborn boy who’s full of mischief.

The family have persevered with a number of Mack’s “issues” with good, kind reinforcement of boundaries, dog school and plenty of exercise.

Tanya jokes; “Are you sure Mack is his name? 50% of the time his name is Mack, the other 50% he’s completely deaf. I think of him as a little PTSD, but he’s getting better all the time and he’s formed a lovely relationship with all of us”.

I think we can safely say that Mack is a bit of a Maverick, who has landed comfortably and safely into a very loving, patient and dedicated home  🙏💙

Meet Mack. 2-years-6-month-old Mack is a desexed male Bulldog x Red Cattle Dog, who is eager to meet his next best buddy.

Mack is a cute little ball of muscle who will need a strong companion able to continue with his training and socialisation.
Mack is very timid, but responds well and bonds quickly to kindness – he then becomes putty and is an affectionate good boy. He will need house training.
Mack is excellent with children, great with dogs and even shows little interest in cats.
Please phone Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to meet this little cutie.