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Check out this little cutie… Igor is a 2-year-old male Labrador x Corgi (at a guess). It’s true, he could have been created in a sci-fi laboratory by the infamous Frankenstein’s assistant… with his 20kg full-size Lab body on [...]


NALA ADOPTION Beloved, gift, princess, old-soul, are just a few of the names that have been attributed to gorgeous young pup “Nala” in her 6-months of being. Originally rescued from the fires, Shar-Pei x Ridgeback Nala was the runt [...]


7 ½-year-old desexed male Kelpie x Shepherd “Des” is looking for a new home. He has enjoyed the farm life for most of his life, but due to a change in his owners’ circumstances, Des is also needing a [...]


Beautiful Bonnie (named by her foster carers) was an abandoned dog that BDR recently rescued from the pound. Approximately 1-year-old, Bonnie is a Staffy Kelpie Boxer cross. Since her rescue, Bonnie has been fully vaccinated, desexed, tick/flea/worm treated, nails [...]

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