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SKIP ADOPTION Hullo, how ye daein? Ma name’s Skip, an’ I’m a 13-years-young castrated Jack Russell laddie 🐶 Och aye, I admit I’m a wee manky with ma dangling extra nipple, ma mangy coat, ma cataracts and ma selective [...]


1-year-5-month old desexed male Border Collie x Kelpie/Dachshund Walter, is hoping to find his life-long companion. He is an absolute sweetheart, loves cuddles and thrives on action. Walter has lived with his litter pack for 1½ years so is [...]


Introducing ever-so-handsome Winston, the 1-year-2-month-old desexed male Kelpie x Bull Mastiff. Winston (Winnie) has been super well-loved but as he grew, became way too strong and wilful for his gentle, lenient female owner and her young daughter. Winston began [...]

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