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We Care Because You Care

Byron Rescue Dogs takes pride in matching dogs with the right homes. We can advise on the dogs’ suitability as we have the insight gained by our foster carers. In addition, there is a 3 week trial and cooling off period for you and the dog – if things aren’t working out BDR will take the dog back. We don’t want any mistakes for you or the dog.
The dogs on this page are Byron Rescue Dogs. Some non-Byron Rescue Dogs dogs that are looking for new homes are advertised on the PRIVATE ADS page.
Pounds often have nice dogs – there are some choice candidates advertised ON THIS PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE. It’s also worth contacting your local pound.


Check out this little cutie… Igor is a 2-year-old male Labrador x Corgi (at a guess). It’s true, he could have been created in a sci-fi laboratory by the infamous Frankenstein’s assistant… with his 20kg [...]


NALA ADOPTION Beloved, gift, princess, old-soul, are just a few of the names that have been attributed to gorgeous young pup “Nala” in her 6-months of being. Originally rescued from the fires, Shar-Pei x Ridgeback [...]


7 ½-year-old desexed male Kelpie x Shepherd “Des” is looking for a new home. He has enjoyed the farm life for most of his life, but due to a change in his owners’ circumstances, Des [...]


Beautiful Bonnie (named by her foster carers) was an abandoned dog that BDR recently rescued from the pound. Approximately 1-year-old, Bonnie is a Staffy Kelpie Boxer cross. Since her rescue, Bonnie has been fully vaccinated, [...]


Little miss 'Iggy' is a bit of a special case. She’s a 5-year-old desexed English Staffy, absolute sweetie-pie. She was rescued 3 years ago from an utterly dire situation – kept in a box, starved [...]


1-year 8-month old female Amstaff x ‘Lucy’ is a sweetheart. She has been well-loved and cared for - her jet-black coat literally shimmers. Lucy is house-trained, has good re-call, absolutely loves people and is very [...]


Ellie is a 9-year-old desexed female Kelpie x Labrador. Left by her owner in the care of what turned out to be unscrupulous people, Ellie endured several months of trauma before we heard of her [...]


RUSTY (aka SCOOBY DOO) ADOPTION Rusty is without doubt a big Scooby Doo with "some work to do". 1-year & 7-months old, Rusty is a desexed male Great Dane, Amstaff, Maremma cross. Yet another gentle [...]

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To Adopt dogs on this page please call Shell on: 0458 461 935

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