Rusty is without doubt a big Scooby Doo with “some work to do”.
1-year & 7-months old, Rusty is a desexed male Great Dane, Amstaff, Maremma cross.
Yet another gentle giant, Rusty needs a loving home where he will receive plenty of attention, training & exercise.
He is gorgeous! But he’s currently bored and hence starting to become a neighbourhood nuisance.
Rusty is a big softie, a tad timid at first but soon leans in for loving cuddles – so sweet & affectionate, great with children and other dogs… I introduced him to my little 7-month-old Basenji and they played like long lost friends.
If you like the sound of this big goofball and could provide him with some space to romp, please phone Shell on 0458461935.