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RAFI’s STORY (was PUMPER) – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED Rafi is the fourth Border Collie x Kelpie/Dachshund pup we’ve successfully re-homed, from the litter of six who lost their dog-mum to a brown-snake bite 20-months ago. Although one of the larger [...]



MACK UPDATE – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED 2½-year-old Bulldog x Red Cattle Dog Mack, has been successfully adopted by Tanya, Scott and 9-year-old Oliver. Mack has bonded nicely with everyone in the family who find him a smart, loving, gentle, sooky, [...]



BETTY’S STORY – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED 1½-year-old Border Collie x Kelpie/Dachshund ‘Betty’ is the second pup we’ve re-homed successfully from the litter of six, whose mum died from a brown snake bite soon after giving birth. The pup’s owner has [...]



BARKLEY UPDATE – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED When 8-year-old Labrador Barkley arrived into BDR’s foster-care, he certainly lived up to his name and boasted a bark that could wake the dead. He’d also lived his entire life outside, sleeping in the [...]



ROSIE’S STORY – A SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION TALE Two months ago, 1-year-9-month-old Golden Labrador Rosie, was in trouble. Her owners were unable to give her the time, exercise and socialisation a very bouncy, robust, energetic girl like Rosie needed. She [...]



SKIP UPDATE – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED As predicted, little 13½-year-old Jack Russell “Skip” has charmed and wormed (both figuratively & literally 😆) his way into the hearts of his loving foster-carers, Barbara & Paul. Skip is completely enamoured of Paul, [...]


Rumi (AKA Roo)

RUMI UPDATE – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED Radiant Rumi the Shar Pei x Amstaff pup, arrived in our care 4 months ago completely traumatised and terrified of humans - particularly men. Thanks to fabulous foster-carers Beatrice & partner (and Ben), “Roo” [...]

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WALTER UPDATE – SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED Winsome Walter (now Wally), the 17-month-old Border Collie x Kelpie/Dachshund is the third pup we have re-homed from the litter of six who lost their mumma-dog to a brown snake bite. Dan & Wally [...]



WINSTON UPDATE – ADOPTION SUCCESSFUL Yet another Foster-Fail Story 😆 When I rang John, Winston’s brand new BDR foster-carer, to let him know there were people interested in meeting Winston, there was a long, shocked silence on the phone, [...]


Evelyn (Maxie)

EVELYN’S STORY – ADOPTION SUCCESSFUL 1-year-4-month-old Evelyn, now Maxie, was the first-born in a litter of six puppies to Border Collie mum and Kelpie/Dachshund dad. Very sadly, mamma-dog was soon after bitten by a brown snake and died, leaving [...]

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