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GILBERT (now Boof) ADOPTION SUCCESS When our dog-friend & companion passes away, sometimes our loss can only be relieved by the sweet arrival of a new canine friend, to nurture & love. Stephen wasn’t considering this, when he forlornly [...]


Chico & Hazel

CHICO & HAZEL ADOPTION UPDATE Both Chico (now Ellie) and Hazel (now Rhya) whose little lamentable lives were turned around when whisked into BDR's caring, kind, nutrition-filled foster-care, have both been successfully adopted by loving, fun-filled rural families. Both [...]

Chico & Hazel2019-09-07T16:32:47+11:00

Jack & Lucy

JACK & LUCY UPDATE Remember little Jack (9-year-old Jack Russell x) and Lucy (11-year-old Corgi x) whose owners had to relocate overseas and were desperate to re-home them together? We are thrilled to confirm that Jack & Lucy have [...]

Jack & Lucy2019-08-26T17:50:00+11:00


RUBY ADOPTION UPDATE We are thrilled to announce that gentle-giant Ruby, who melted all our hearts at Byron Dog Rescue, has found her committed & loving forever home. Ruby gets to continue her well-deserved local sea-change lifestyle, enjoying daily [...]


Zeek & Shadow

ZEEK & SHADOW ADOPTION UPDATE Great news, both Zeek & Shadow have found their own separate forever homes. (Together or separate) They're big, they're boisterous, they're well-bred, they're big softies and they're going to need socialising & training. Meet [...]

Zeek & Shadow2019-07-05T13:42:39+11:00


ISABELLA UPDATE – ADOPTION SUCCESSFUL Remember gorgeous goofy Isabella? - the Border Collie x Great Dane who spent three long months in the pound before being released into Byron Dog Rescues care. Well, she has fallen on her paws [...]



CLEO UPDATE Poor abandoned Cleo ended up impounded and in typical Staffy form, suffered the loss & betrayal of her owner deeply. Traumatised & too fearful to trust her new carers, she couldn’t make eye-contact or connect well. She [...]



TAZZY (now LUNA) UPDATE When adorable little 5-month-old Tazzy (now Luna), the purebred Staffy pup, was found wandering alone in the Shire hinterland hills, we were certain her owners would rush to her rescue…. but alas no… abandoned, she [...]



BENNY UPDATE – ADOPTION SUCCESSFUL! Gorgeous Benny boy melted hearts wherever he laid his sweet self. His previous owner and then his foster-carer both cried and cried as he tentatively walked toward his next escapade. Benny is now very [...]

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