Little miss ‘Iggy’ is a bit of a special case. She’s a 5-year-old desexed English Staffy, absolute sweetie-pie.

She was rescued 3 years ago from an utterly dire situation – kept in a box, starved and beaten with a hose.

Since then Iggy has been in heaven, living with 3 other doggie companions and her caring BDR rescue family. She is tiny for a Staffy due to her horrific beginning in life and she suffers from epileptic fits if fed any foods with a sugar content.

She loves people (say I, with tears rolling down my face 😢), adores cuddles, the beach & playing fetch. Iggy is faithful, obedient and gets on with other dogs, cats, chickens – you name it.

Her family are loathe to part with her, but 4 dogs is simply to hard to handle with new life commitments. Iggy would do well with someone kind & caring who will enjoy her, snuggled up next to them on the couch, with another dog for companionship if she has to be left alone.

For enquiries about Iggy, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

MC: 900012001181357