**un-bonded pair, can be adopted separately or together**

Holly (larger of the two) and Sage are in need of a new home(s) due to their owner’s circumstances changing and being unable to give them the care they need.

Holly an 11 year old staffy/ridgeback/mastiff x and is desexed and microchipped. She is playful, hearty, gentle and affectionate. She loves going to the beach and enjoys the company of people and other dogs.

Sage is an 8 year old staffy/kelpie x and is desexed and microchipped. He loves being with people, running around the countryside, swimming and chasing the waves at the beach. He is well trained, playful and gets along with other dogs.

Both dogs are in good health for their age and are looking for a loving, stable home to live out their retirement years.

If you can give either or both of these dogs a home, please contact Angela 0476139191.

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