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Introducing Woody, a healthy 5 year old desexed 20kg male Red Kelpie. Woody is very loyal, good around children, good with chickens and in the car and on the back of a ute. He is fine with most dogs but requires caution with new dogs as he has shown some signs of intimidation. Woody is scared of thunder and storms. He is being adopted because his owners are moving overseas for work. For more information contact Ben on 0419225005.

We picked woody up from a young couple who could not afford to keep him. They both loved woody and cared for him up until about 12 months old. He was fairly well trained when we got him but underfed with no vaccinations and not desexed.

For the first 12 months Woody lived on a 13 acre macadamia farm with us and then the beach in Lennox Head for 18 Months and finally Woolgoolga. Woody is about 4.5-5.5 yrs old.

Woody is currently back on the farm for the next 3 weeks and desperately needs a new home as this property has been sold.

Woody loves a bit of space but is also happy inside as long as he is exercised regularly. He is typically an outside dog except for special occasions and thunderstorms.

Woody needs more socialising, he is perfectly well behaved at home and obedient but in public is easily distracted and sometimes protective and has shown some signs of intimidation towards other dogs. He should be kept on a lead in public. Unfortunately my long work hours have prevented me from trying to improve this behaviour.

He is fine in the car or on the back of the ute, we have moved around a lot and had many adventures together.

We have chooks and only tie him up when we need to handle the chooks. He was fine around cattle and horses however can be very easily distracted by birds and kangaroos.
Wood loves the beach and is a good swimmer, you can throw sticks into the surf and he will charge in.

Woody won’t whinge or cry when not attended to but does crave affection from time to time.

We feed woody dry biscuits / scraps and liver treats. He weighs about 20kg.

He is a fantastic dog but taking him overseas to an urban environment with us is not really an option. If you can give Woody a new home or have any questions please contact Ben on 0419225005.


CAWI is NOT involved in a private adoption apart from providing this advertising space. Enquiries should be directed to the dog’s owner. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions regarding the dog’s behaviour, personality, annoying habits etc. If possible, take the dog on a trial period before you commit to ownership. We also recommend that you ask for permission to contact the dog’s vet to enquire about its health.