‘Missy (Girl)’ is a stunning 3-year-old Kelpie x Staffy/Dingo? She’s strong, loyal and protective with beautiful eyes, coat, body and temperament.
Missy is the 2nd dog this month who was saved from a bullet. She was bred to be a pig-dog but her playful wilful sweet nature didn’t make the cut. She was rescued by a big Kiwi softie who has loved her for the past 2 years. A sudden change in his circumstances led to him surrendering Missy into the care of Byron Dog Rescue and then Hannah & family’s fabulous foster care.
Due to Missy’s deep loyalty, she took some time to overcome her sadness… then one day last week she was introduced to Melissa & family. The smiles and joy all round were palpable and profound… and on Tuesday Missy was adopted by Melissa 👌
Missy’s new home is on a large elevated property in the Byron hinterland where she has plenty of space to flit and frolic. She will be well loved by her new family and they will be rewarded with Missy’s affection and devotion 😊💛🐚