A huge thank you must go to Panda’s foster carers Hannah & family and then Ben & support carer Josephine. Panda arrived in Byron Dog Rescues care as a rather troubled ball-obsessed and frenzied soul. Sweet as Pecan Pie, but unable to relax until finally collapsing to slumber. After 2 weeks in care, she calmed, grounded and began to really enjoy her human companions and all the love & fun they provided.

Then she met Dave, who was bereaved from the recent death of his beloved dog Honey. Panda & Dave hit it off. Panda has now completed a successful 3-week-trial-adoption with Dave and they are inseparable. Panda is in doggie heaven with more fluffy toys than a toy-shop and the almost 24/7 company of Dave, who loves playing ball with Panda, but is also keen to provide her with other forms of mental & physical stimulation including formal training with Barco.

Well done to everyone who helped Panda onto her new happy and enchanted path & life in the Shire!! 💛🐚


Introducing playful ‘Panda’ – a curious name for her, given her lack of white markings. 

Panda is a 13-month-old Border Collie x (Kelpie?) with a gloriously soft shiny healthy coat.  She is very sweet natured, a little timid and submissive but enjoys a lively frolic with other dogs and delights in ball games (can cleverly juggle two balls at once). Panda loves the company of humans and is very responsive to direction and knows basic commands well. 

She needs a bit of excitement in her life! She would fit well in many a situation so long as there was plenty of exercise and mental stimulation involved (otherwise she may dig up your garden). 

If you would like to meet Panda, please phone Shell at Byron Dog Rescue on 0458461935.