Sonny’s Video with cat


Craving a feel-good story this wet Easter weekend? Well read-on…

Eight-year-old Sonny was surrendered to Byron Dog Rescue after he “attacked” one of his previous owners’ cats. They deemed him unsuitable to cohabit with cats ever again.

Sonny was picked up from Lismore-way and delivered to his sea-change in Brunswick Heads, with fabulous foster-carers Val & Annette. There, he began his new life with walks & play on the beach, runs beside the bike & pizza-in-the-park-dinners. Sonny made so many new friends. Everyone who met him loved him. He was so well-behaved & so incredibly gentle.

One day, Sonny was introduced to lovely Elyssa who was instantly smitten and wanted to adopt him immediately…. however, Elyssa’s home had a hitch – Oscar the Cat.

We all felt and decided, that gentle Sonny deserved a 2nd chance and that Oscar was just the cat to brave this challenge (**check out the little video which stars Sonny [and Oscar] on their FIRST night together at Sonny’s new Byron Bay home).

The whole household has fallen for Sonny and he continues to thoroughly enjoy his sea-change lifestyle together with his new pink toy, which he loves to take everywhere with him.

Huge thanks go to Elyssa, Aidan, Daisy & Oscar for trusting in Sonny and giving him such a dream life 💛🐚

Sonny, thank you for the smile upon your face 🎤

Sonny, thank you for the gleam that flows its grace

Yesterday, oh, my life was filled with rain 🎸

You smiled at me and really eased the pain

Sonny one so true, I love you 🎶

These song lyrics are so appropriate to introduce:

7-year-old Sonny, a de-sexed male Dalmatian x (Labrador/Bull Terrier?) 

Due to circumstances involving jealousy issues with his cat comrades of many years, Sonny now finds himself in the care of Byron Dog Rescue. He was seen out and about last night with his fabulous foster carers in downtown Brunswick Heads enjoying pizza in the park with lots of new doggy friends. 

Sonny is calm, chilled, but loves an energetic game while also being quite content to lounge in front of a good movie. He is eager to please, so training him to suit your lifestyle will be workable. Sonny is excellent with children, very good with other dogs and would make a loyal, cheerful, intelligent and protective companion. 

If you would like to meet Sonny, please phone Shell on 0458461935.