Remember gorgeous goofy Isabella? – the Border Collie x Great Dane who spent three long months in the pound before being released into Byron Dog Rescues care.

Well, she has fallen on her paws superbly and been swept up into the loving, caring, able arms of Sophia (and Sophia’s mum).

“Bella” is now enjoying regular jaunts at the beach, waterhole swims, dog training, plenty of socialisation and, therapy for her separation anxiety.

Bella thinks she’s a lap-dog and quite literally crawls into her favourite humans’ laps for kisses & cuddles.

We, and the Byron Rangers, are so thrilled for you Bella – many thanks to Sophia for giving this big girl a well-deserved dream life!! 💛🌈💐 🐚

Isabella sure Is-a-Beauty. An 11-month-old female Border Collie x Dane, Isabella was rescued from abuse, protected & cared for by council’s kind Rangers and now released into Byron Dog Rescue’s fabulous foster care.

After months in protective custody, Isabella is now having an absolute ball – allowed to sprawl on her human carer’s beds, enjoying play-dates with visiting dogs and utterly relishing off-leash jaunts at the beach – Bella is in doggie heaven. She responds well to commands and while off-leash always stays within 50 metres of her carer(s).

Exuberant yet gentle, clever yet goofy, graceful yet gawky, Isabella is a stand-out. Her short life has been fraught yet she is well-adjusted & happy (apart from some separation anxiety when left alone).

Excellent with humans and all breed & size dogs, Isabella needs a gentle loving home with plenty of room to romp and/or regular exercise excursions. Please phone Shell on 0458461935 if you can help.