Poor abandoned Cleo ended up impounded and in typical Staffy form, suffered the loss & betrayal of her owner deeply. Traumatised & too fearful to trust her new carers, she couldn’t make eye-contact or connect well. She scared everyone with her deep growl antics, rushing at her run fence and growl defending her meals & toys – add to that her sheer size and strength – a tad terrifying!

After several visits to the pound (gaining a soft spot for Cleo), I encouraged the ranger to let her out of her run (on leash) to see how she would interact with Isabella (also impounded at the time). After a gentle greet, off the leash they zoomed and what a fun-filled thrilling afternoon of run & play they enjoyed. Added to the play, were Tazzy & Grasshopper (both pups also impounded at the time). Palpable joy & frolics soon turned to sheer exhaustion and comically they all collapsed back into their runs for well-deserved rests.

Foster carers were found for Grasshopper, Tazzy & Isabella, leaving poor Cleo alone. I sent some Cleo pics to a family who had missed out on adopting another of our rescue dogs and it was love at first sight. Their old Staffy had passed away late last year and the 3 kids were keen for a new dog. Naomi & Pete drove up the next day to meet Cleo, adopted her on the spot and sent the following message the very next day – “Cleo is settling in great, the kids love her, she has a sweet nature, she sits and looks at us to get treats and is playing fetch. She slept in our 16-year-old sons’ room and scratched on the door to be let out at daylight. We are delighted with her and she is getting spoilt. Thanks for bringing us together! xo”.

Cleo was de-sexed, vaccinated and successfully completed her 3-week-trial-adoption today!!

Interestingly, the day I picked her up from the pound she bonded immediately, snuggling her enormous head against mine on the drive to the meet-up, making, what could only be described as, grateful engaging eye-contact all afternoon.

Well done Cleo – you managed to melt all of our hearts regardless of your misunderstood & daunting trauma behaviours 👍💛💛 🐚



for CLEO
Cleo, a strong stunning 2-year-old? female brindle Staffordshire Terrier is in urgent need of future-hope.
She has been abandoned & left to languish in the pound for too long.
She has been socialised well with other dogs & pups at the pound and she delights in play. She has some issues; a little growl aggression around food & toys and some submission trauma (fearful of making eye contact with humans).
Cleo nevertheless has enormous  potential to be a gorgeous family or companion dog with some iron-fist/velvet-glove training (trainer must determine themselves as trustworthy & alpha while giving Cleo some much needed love & affection).
Can anyone help this stunning girl, either in the short-term or long-term? Please phone Shell on 0458461935.