When adorable little 5-month-old Tazzy (now Luna), the purebred Staffy pup, was found wandering alone in the Shire hinterland hills, we were certain her owners would rush to her rescue…. but alas no… abandoned, she spent time at the pound before she could be taken into Byron Dog Rescues foster care.

Rare indeed, Luna’s young temperament was so chilled, laid back, accepting – that even after a session of poking & prodding at the vets (microchipped & vaccinated), the little darling fell asleep on the cold hard stainless-steel vet table!

The best time was had with foster carer Amanda & family, soaking up the attention & adulation, romping & socialising with all the other dogs.

Luna was soon swept up into the loving arms of Ellie & Justin, who adore her, are spoiling her, socialising her well, taking her to puppy school and find her adolescent “attitude” – wonderful!

Luna was de-sexed and completed her successful 3-week-adoption-trial on Friday. Thanks Ellie & Justin, for transforming this little girl’s life 🙏💛🐶

Little Tazzy, a 4-month-old female Staffy pup, was found wandering in the Byron hinterland hills. She soon found herself impounded, waiting for her protectors to bail her out… 😢
Now in Byron Dog Rescues care, she is soaking up the compassion, kindness & fun at foster-carer Amanda & families home, where she’s got the kids & all the doggies to play with.
Tazzy finds comfort in sitting on your feet and gazing up at you with her sweet little face. She is a well-adjusted pup, quite calm for her age, even when the noisy bombastic gaggle-of-geese arrived for a stickybeak.
Can you offer this sweet little pup a loving home? Please phone Shell on 0458461935.