OMG! This girl is paramount in the gentle giant, gorgeous gargantuan realm!

Ruby is a 2-year-old female Wolfhound x Bull Arab who was rescued 6 weeks ago from a horrible situation – under-nourished (when rescued weighing 25kgs, now 33.5kgs), left to sleep outside on a cold hard concrete slab, ignored and/or verbally (and quite possibly physically) abused on a daily basis – Ruby has emerged from this hell as the most loving, sweet-natured, affectionate dog.

To survive her hell, Ruby has retreated into her inner-essence-space; with no training whatsoever, she is nevertheless grounded, calm, curious and her receptivity to kindness shines from her beautiful eyes like sunbeams and her loving gratitude is demonstrated by tangible deep affection (yes, I’m in love 💞)

It’s going to be one very lucky person or family who adopts this precious angel!

Until her rescue, Ruby had never been outside her yard. Now in Byron Dog Rescues fabulous foster-care, she is not only luxuriating in all the love & nurturing, but also delighting in daily romps at the beach where she is awesome with other dogs.

Please phone Shell on 0458461935if you would like to meet Ruby with a view to adopt.