Remember little Jack (9-year-old Jack Russell x) and Lucy (11-year-old Corgi x) whose owners had to relocate overseas and were desperate to re-home them together?
We are thrilled to confirm that Jack & Lucy have been successfully adopted by Louise & Paul whose last communique stated “we love them!”.
Jack & Lucy are thriving in their new rural home where they are enjoying wonderful adventurous walks and delighting in (especially Lucy) swims in the nearby creek.
Huge thanks go to Louise & Paul for providing the loving home these two little champs deserved  💐❤ 🐚

Little Jack (a 9-year-old Jack Russell x Corgi) and his older sister Lucy (an 11-year-old Corgi x Jack Russell) are two active, healthy, gentle, loving & playful charmers in need of a new loving home.

Their owners have been relocated overseas and are devastated at having to surrender these two little family members. Jack & Lucy love a good walk & play at the beach, are great with other dogs and have even lived peacefully side by side with chickens.

They are well-behaved, excellent with children and alert their owners to strangers.

Can you provide these little cuties with the love & care they need and deserve? Please phone Shell on 0458461935.