Molly’s rescuer, foster-carer and patient trainer has fallen for Molly’s charms and decided to adopt her. Thanks Laurie, Molly is one lucky girl, who I’m sure appreciates everything you’ve done for her wellbeing and happy safe future 🧡

Mischievous Molly, the female 6-month-old Border Collie x Bull Arab’s life has already been immensely eventful.

Dumped/abandoned at a Northern Rivers beach and left to fend for herself, Molly was vaccinated by the Furry Dogmother and rescued by a compassionate chap who is now fostering her on behalf of Byron Dog Rescue.

Molly is affectionate, sweet natured and playful. She gets on well with other dogs and frolicked comfortably with my 14-week-old puppy. She loves an off-leash gallop on the beach, but will need further discipline & training to curb her excellent scent-hound instincts.

If you can provide Molly with a mentally stimulating, loving and dependable home, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

MC: 982126052676066