Sweetest little 3-year-old Kelpie x Jack Russell ‘Ally’ has been successfully adopted!

Ally managed to melt the hearts of all the people she met and those who looked after her so well. She was very unsure and unpredictable around other dogs and children when she first arrived with BDR, but she slowly excelled in foster-care, with regular & resolute socialisation.

Rosemary & Max, a retired couple who have had dogs all their lives and live near the beach, fell in love with Ally and their application to adopt was successful on Rosemary’s birthday – “the best present she could ever have received!!” – exclaimed Rosemary.

Ally now enjoys alone-time in her very own tropical garden, has the run of the house and took to early morning walks (and now trots) alongside Max’s scooter, like a duck to water.

She is an absolute darling with children and her continuing socialisation with other dogs is working like a charm.

We are all so thrilled to see you so content, loved and happy Ally – vroom vroom! 🐶🎁🎂😃😃


Check out this little sweetheart!!

Ally is a 3-year-old female Jack Russell x Kelpie. She has been well-loved and cared for, but has not been socialised enough with other dogs or children.

Now in BDR foster-care, she is getting plenty of Brunswick-Heads-style socialisation, both at home, out and about and on the beach.

Ally has the sweetest, softest, amenable disposition – it is impossible not to fall in love with her 💓💓

She has the head and body of a Kelpie and the little short legs of a Jack Russell – CUTE AS!!

She doesn’t need a lot of exercise, but enjoys a good walk. Ally is de-sexed and fully vaccinated.

If you would like to meet Ally and could provide her with a loving, spoilt home where she will continue to get the socialisation she needs, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

MC: 900113000073384