A Family Affair

Bootsy so loved his time with new BDR foster carer Donna, that he wore out the pads on his front paws having so much fun & play on the beach. 

His little blistered feet were well cared-for & treated, and he’s now back on all fours with his Bootsy boots well & truly hung up.

Donna’s brother Dean & family, came to admire & love Bootsy so much that they decided to adopt him. 

Bootsy has become the loyal, adoring constant companion of Dean, meaning his roaming days are all but forgotten.

Bootsy now enjoys the best food & nourishment possible, as both Donna & Dean run “I Love A Dog” – a local dog nutrition and well-being business.

Well done Bootsy! You are one very lucky boy!

Bootsy, a de-sexed male 5.6-year-old Kelpie is thoroughly enjoying his new beach-side BDR foster home but is looking for a new, loving, permanent home.

Bootsy is a very well-behaved, well-mannered gentleman who gets on comfortably with other dogs, cats, chickens, loves a good ball game, and will provide you with adoration and loyalty in return for the same.

He can be prone to wandering if his mental stimulation and companionship needs aren’t met.

Please phone Shell on 0458461935 if you’d like an active yet chilled buddy to hang and play with.

Microchip number 982000362042659