Yet another Foster-Fail Story 😆

When I rang John, Winston’s brand new BDR foster-carer, to let him know there were people interested in meeting Winston, there was a long, shocked silence on the phone, followed by John wailing “what!!!? no no no, Winnie’s not going anywhere! He’s staying with me!”

Winston’s life dramatically and constructively changed once he was placed in Johns care – he transformed from troublesome and over-protective, confronting and warding off other dogs, to a happy, content fellow who now enjoys hours & hours of fun & playtime with all his new doggie friends. He accompanies John on his work rounds and is responding well to training and commands.

Congratulations to the perfectly matched pair = John & Winnie 😘🐚

Introducing ever-so-handsome Winston, the 1-year-2-month-old desexed male Kelpie x Bull Mastiff.

Winston (Winnie) has been super well-loved but as he grew, became way too strong and wilful for his gentle, lenient female owner and her young daughter. Winston began displaying overprotective and consequently dominant behaviours, especially toward other dogs.

Now in BDR’s care, Winston was placed 3-weeks ago with an experienced male foster-carer who had immediate success with socialising Winston with other dogs and now gradual success with basic commands.

We can now safely say that Winston is thoroughly enjoying being a dog – he loves his twice daily walks and never tires of playing with all his new doggie buddies on the beach. He is also very good with children.

Winston will need an active, strong, loving, alpha person to adopt him and continue with his training and socialisation. Please phone or text Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to register your interest.

MC: 953010003760121