1-year-4-month-old Evelyn, now Maxie, was the first-born in a litter of six puppies to Border Collie mum and Kelpie/Dachshund dad.

Very sadly, mamma-dog was soon after bitten by a brown snake and died, leaving the owner to hand-rear all six pups. This led to a very deep attachment and inability to re-home any of the fast-growing dogs.

Enter BDR. Maxie has recently become the first successful adoptee, orchestrated & achieved by Byron Dog Rescue.

A testament to the owners rearing, care & supervision of these pups, Maxie and her siblings are all healthy, vibrant and have the sweetest, most engaging temperaments/personalities.

Maxie’s new carers, Barbel & Richard, fell in love at their first meet-up and were all smiles on adoption day. They are loving the company and joy Maxie has brought into their lives.

Love you Maxie! You gorgeous little chatterbox 💓 🐚

MC: 982126053884448