Gorgeous natured Ridgeback x Vizsla ‘Sasha’ came into BDR’s care in late March. Although in outstanding health for a 9-year-old, she did have a couple of worrying dark spots on her belly that bothered her at times. We recently had the two lumps surgically removed and discovered that one was a hemangiosarcoma – a cancerous dermal/skin lesion caused by the sun. Fortunately, the surgery removed the entire lesion with a good prognosis for Sasha’s continuing enjoyment and longevity.

Sasha has been surrendered twice in her life due to the ‘No Dog’ rental constraints in the Tweed and Byron Shires. When I dropped her round to foster-carer Paul, there was an instant attraction between dog and man, which has only flourished over the last 4 months. Sasha & Paul became inseparable, enjoying their daily walks on the beach, and Sasha soon became known as “Princess”.

Paul’s lease in Ocean Shores recently ended, and he spent 6 weeks looking for alternative accommodation where he could take Sasha with him. He secured an apartment in South East Queensland, but the lease only allowed for a dog under 10kgs. Devastated, we started trying to find Sasha a new home. I suggested to Paul that he look into the new laws relating to pets in rental situations.

What he discovered was this – the Queensland Commissioner (Body Corporate and Community Management) has recently ruled that the banning of dogs by size or weight by body corporates, is invalid and that tenants have equal rights to owners in regards to keeping their pet.

Elated, Paul immediately adopted Sasha and the pair are now enjoying apartment living, together with daily visits to a local off-leash fenced dog park with fun agility equipment. Sasha loves it!

This pairs love affair has been a privilege to witness. Paul is also willing to take legal action if necessary, to keep Sasha in his loving care… no more surrenders for “Princess”.

Good on you Paul – warmest wishes to you & darling girl Sasha  💞 🐚

Meet Sasha, a desexed female 8-year-11-months-old Rhodesian Ridgeback x Hungarian Viizsla, who has now been with us for a very contented 3-weeks.

Another victim of the ‘no dog’ rental situation here in the Shire; sweet, gentle, sensitive, dignified, quiet Sasha, is now looking for her next evermore companion.

Sasha is hugely affectionate, loyal and healthy for her age. The vets were convinced she was a younger dog as she is in tip-top condition with superb teeth and mobility.

Sasha bonds quickly with those who give her love, attention and care. She particularly loves a one-on-one relationship and adores her daily visits to the beach. Although used to outdoor living, Sasha was quick to accept her foster-carers invitation onto his bed, where she fell soundly asleep on her first night in care.

Sasha is a good girl, great with children and other dogs.

Please phone or text Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to express interest in meeting sociable Sasha.

MC: 982000153769954