Meet Sasha, a desexed female 8-year-11-months-old Rhodesian Ridgeback x Hungarian Viizsla, who has now been with us for a very contented 3-weeks.

Another victim of the ‘no dog’ rental situation here in the Shire; sweet, gentle, sensitive, dignified, quiet Sasha, is now looking for her next evermore companion.

Sasha is hugely affectionate, loyal and healthy for her age. The vets were convinced she was a younger dog as she is in tip-top condition with superb teeth and mobility.

Sasha bonds quickly with those who give her love, attention and care. She particularly loves a one-on-one relationship and adores her daily visits to the beach. Although used to outdoor living, Sasha was quick to accept her foster-carers invitation onto his bed, where she fell soundly asleep on her first night in care.

Sasha is a good girl, great with children and other dogs.

Please phone or text Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to express interest in meeting sociable Sasha.

MC: 982000153769954