Check out this little cutie… Igor is a 2-year-old male Labrador x Corgi (at a guess).

It’s true, he could have been created in a sci-fi laboratory by the infamous Frankenstein’s assistant… with his 20kg full-size Lab body on his little achondroplastic dwarfed legs.

Igor was abandoned and we rescued him from the pound last week. He was named by his brand-new foster-carers – a group of young folk self-isolating and wanting to offer a dog in need some love & fun.

Igor’s been a bit of a free spirit we suspect, with little to no training. He has some fear of the leash and car travel. Nevertheless, he has a gorgeous sweet irresistible nature, is fantastic with other dogs and will make an excellent, loyal, fun, energetic and loving family dog.

Please phone Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to meet ‘Igor the Corgidor’ 😆
Microchip Number 953010004204828