Radiant Rumi the Shar Pei x Amstaff pup, arrived in our care 4 months ago completely traumatised and terrified of humans – particularly men.

Thanks to fabulous foster-carers Beatrice & partner (and Ben), “Roo” was allowed the space to learn to love and trust them. With the additional help of “Harry” the older wiser Husky, Rumi began to blossom. For the first time in her short life, she started to enjoy; walking and running like a mad thing at the beach and allowing new people in her zone without cowering in complete fear.

Six weeks ago, Rumi met Susana & Tiago. They were keen to rescue a dog and had the patience, time, talent and tenderness to offer Rumi.

This trio exudes love. Tiago said “Rumi is the love of our lives” and Rumi, although still timid with strangers, is absolutely loving her new life, snuggling with both Susana and Tiago and relishing her off-leash rampages on the beach.

Rumi will enjoy supreme spoiling on her 1st birthday on the 30thAugust.

Love to everyone involved in Rumi’s rehabilitation, recovery and renaissance 💖😍 🐚

  1. If you see Rumi barrelling towards your little darling-dog on the beach, fear-not, she is just full of joie de vivre and simply wants to say “Hi!!!! Ain’t life grand?!!”

“By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.”

– Rumi (13th Century poet & Sufi mystic)

Rumi is an 8-month-old desexed female Amstaff x Shar Pei – quite possibly the runt of her litter, as she is quite petite for her breeding.

Smart, sweet, lovely Rumi has been in BDR’s care for 3-weeks. She arrived with us in a highly traumatised state, suffering severe anxiety and timidity.

Rumi’s kind, patient foster-carers have been slowly & gently socialising her, and allowing her the off-leash beach exercise she needs to vent her young & enthusiastic energy. She has good re-call, is excellent with other dogs and adores her house-mate Harry, the older, easy-going Husky.

Rumi is particularly terrified of tall Caucasian men, but also continues to be timid around unfamiliar people. She is definitely improving and gaining confidence, but will need ongoing gentle socialisation with people (and dogs) to continue to build her trust.

Rumi is a beauty, who will bring joy into the heart of her new forever companion or family. She will only be good with calm, gentle children who understand how to handle a sensitive dog.

To enquire further, please phone Shell from Byron Dog Rescue on 0458461935.

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