Beautiful Billie is a desexed female 6-year-old Bull Mastiff x Kelpie.

Billie has the sweetest, most loving nature once she knows and trusts you. She has obviously been mistreated early on in her life and now suffers from some fear-aggression. This manifests around the boundaries of her home with both people and other dogs. On the beach however, she is an angel, enjoying the exercise, socialising well with other dogs and only being vigilant with strangers.

She does need daily exercise, but once that’s satiated, Billie is happy to be a couch potato at home.

Billie will bond quickly with women and will warm eventually to gentle men. She will need new companions who are experienced with larger breed dogs as she will need ongoing training to desensitise her fear-aggression.

She will be loyal, protective and good with children.

If you would like to meet this darling girl, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

MC: 900006000250965