Diddy (nickname DJ) is an 8-year-10-month-old de-sexed male Kelpie x Retriever x Dingo.

Until he was rescued by kind folk Trent and Ilona, Diddy had endured a hard, traumatic life. Mostly chained or caged with his mate Bootsy (already happily re-homed), Diddy would frequently respond to his innate call for freedom and escape his owner. He always faithfully returned home, but unfortunately would receive a beating.

After months in care, Diddy no longer cowers in fear of humans and is “a gentleman and a philosopher until he hits the beach where he turns into a hilarious hooligan who does circle work around and around in joy”.

He loves kids and puts up with them dressing him in terrible outfits which demonstrates his gentle and tolerant nature. He’s house-trained and gets on well with other dogs.

Diddy has become “playful, adorable, a darling heart and is the bestest boy!” He is still prone to wandering off if not contained, but always returns home. He knows basic commands but is resistant to and scared of recall. He will however, happily follow his carers off the beach and jump straight into the car.

Due to some indications of mild arthritis, we have placed Diddy on a high-quality Chondroitin/Glucosamine/Green-Lipped-Mussel supplement.

Diddy is one cool, chilled dude who deserves a loving home with people who will adore him.

Please phone Shell on 0458461935 for further information.

MC: 982000163669389