13-month-old Amstaff x Shar Pei Rangi (now Cruze) arrived into BDR’s care over 5-months ago in a hyper-anxious state. So terrified of men, he would descend into a complete catatonic panic-attack if placed in proximity to a man. His breathing would become erratic, his eyes would flicker and he simply wouldn’t / couldn’t move for hours on end. Too terrified even to stir to urinate, he would have to be coerced outside where he would take over 2-minutes to empty his bladder.

That was Day 1. On Day 2 we placed him with female foster-carer Sarah who he bonded with immediately. Sarah, myself and Angeji the Basenji (with whom Rangi formed a beautiful friendship) soon discovered what an absolute lover-boy he is, immensely affectionate, soft and sensitive.

After ineffectively trialling Rangi on various herbal and natural anti-anxiety remedies, on the advice from North Coast Vets, we placed him on an 8-week course of SSRI’s which gave Rangi’s brain the opportunity to learn new behaviours.

Sarah was able to begin a regime of walks to the park or beach where Rangi loved playing with other dogs and he very slowly began approaching sensitive, quiet men, offering them an occasional tentative lick on the hand.

Sarah dedicated herself to gently socialising Rangi with lots of dogs and people – with outstanding progress. Well done Sarah, you really did turn this gorgeous boy’s life around.

Four-months later we felt Rangi ready to meet prospective new companions. Enter Patricia!

Patricia had lots of life-experience with large-breed dogs and was searching for a new friend. Rangi’s response to Patricia was more than we could have hoped for… he approached her warmly, sat next to her and then gave her a big kiss on the cheek!!

After several successful meet-ups and then a 3-week-trial, Patricia and Cruze are now super happy together. Cruze has a trainer and continues to enjoy lots of beach-time, socialising and cuddles. He is spoilt rotten and “has found his guaranteed life-companion”.

Titanic thanks must go to Sarah, Patricia and everyone else involved in Cruze’s new lease on life  💖🐶💖 🐚

1-year-old de-sexed male Amstaff x Shar Pei “Rangi” has been in BDR’s tender-loving foster-care for four months while he recuperated and rehabilitated from intense trauma and over-whelming fear of people, particularly men.

We recently re-homed very successfully, Rangi’s sister Rumi who is thriving and progressing in leaps & bounds.

Rangi is strong, energetic and needs plenty of exercise. Equally, Rangi makes an excellent couch-potato and loves to snuggle with his female companion/s. He is immensely sweet, gentle and affectionate and adores his playtime with other dogs.

Rangi has slowly learnt to tentatively approach gentle, tranquil men at the beach, which may not sound like much, but is huge progress for this poor boy who suffered complete catatonic panic-attacks when in the proximity of men, when he first arrived with us.

Rangi is a project. He will need further training and continuing socialisation with other dogs and people. Like Rumi, he hasn’t yet learnt to reign-in his newly found joie de vivre / enthusiasm and can frighten smaller dogs (except for 17-year-old Muffins/Suki and Angeji the Basenji who rule him complètement 😆).

Rangi will need a strong woman to initially bond with in any new situation and will only be good with children who understand how to be gentle and considerate with this sensitive darling.

Please contact Shell on 0458461935 for expressions of interest.

MC: 982126050238628