LEROY is still looking for his new loving home, preferably with a single woman (children good too).
He is learning lots of manners, enjoying tons of fun and warming very slowly to gentle-man Miff (loves Jodie) at The Grateful Dog.
Please call Shell on 0458461935 if you would like to meet this tall, graceful, characterful boy.

Meet Leroy or “Roy” – a 15-month-old Kelpie x Cattle Dog originally from the Northern Territory.

Leroy is a dancer, an acrobat, a total goofball and has tonnes of personality. Unfortunately, he has suffered trauma in his early life as a camp dog, and now demonstrates behavioural issues, namely a profound fear of men, plus he is easily spooked by unfamiliar noises and situations.

He is an extremely soulful boy who adores to snuggle and can sooth you with his loving. He is fantastic with children, bonds deeply and quickly with women and is generally great with other dogs, wanting desperately to play, jostle and run amuck with them.

Leroy has energy to burn and needs to find a situation where he will get lots of exercise, attention, mental stimulation and socialisation with other dogs. He is good with commands and is crate-trained.

Roy would settle well with a female (and children). With a special man, he would need plenty of time to learn trust.

For more information, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

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