Charming “Cosmos” is a 5-month-old desexed male Kelpie x Border Collie x Cattle Dog.

He’s been well-loved ever since he and his two surviving siblings and mother were found in an isolated ditch on farmer x’s property. Said farmer removed the mother dog back to the farm, leaving the 2-day-old pups to die. Kindly farm-hands took them in and hand-reared them.

Cosmos was adopted at 10-weeks by a well-meaning young couple who had never owned a dog before. They showered young Cosmos with love and care but finally realised they couldn’t cope with such a fast growing and hyperactive boy.

Cosmos has a lovely nature, is affectionate and super smart, but has not been dog-socialised or trained enough. He’s now learning lots, developing manners and expending pent-up energy in fabulous dog-heaven foster-care with the lovely folk from The Grateful Dog.

Cosmos needs to find a loving home where he can continue with his socialisation, exercise, training and calming strategies.

Please phone Shell from Byron Dog Rescue on 0458461935 for more information.

MC: 953010004369549