6.8-year-old Maltese x Chihuahua Buddy is one lucky little chap. His previous owners loved him so much, they spent a small fortune on hip surgery, after he wandered off their new, unfenced property and was hit by a car.

Terrified this might happen again, Buddy’s people decided he needed to find a new, safe, secure and loving place to live.

Ross & Pam, who had recently lost their little darling dog to congenital heart disease, live in a fully fenced coastal village resort. Their home also has a fully fenced yard… and, the cherry on the cake; the village boasts its very own park, for residents’ dogs to socialise and play. Buddy is safe.

He was officially adopted on New Year’s Day after a 3-week-trial-period (although Ross & Pam unreservedly welcomed him into their hearts from Day 1). They adore him and were amazed at how quickly Buddy settled into his new environment.

“He’s soooo clever, so smart and such a little darling. We’re being careful with exercise as he’s still recovering from his operation… but he’s a feisty one alright! We take him for a walk and if he wants to go further, he simply won’t budge and we have to carry him home 😆 He’s just the best dog. We absolutely love him!”

We at BDR feel immensely rewarded and privileged to be able to offer dogs and their people a service that leaves everyone involved feeling reassured, confident, relieved and ultimately happy with the outcome 🙏🐶💘

6-year-7-month-old desexed male Maltese x Chihuahua Buddy, is in need of a new loving home where he will receive ALL the attention and have his own fenced yard.

He’s a lovely natured boy who loves affection and cuddles and the occasional visit to the beach. He’s well behaved, comes when called and walks well on the lead.
Buddy is also a feisty little chap who will bark at visitors, arc up at big dogs and has a tendency to wander, if not receiving that all important attention.
He’s great with children and other small dogs, but not good with little creatures.
His wandering ways got him run-over recently and he’s recovering superbly from a hip operation and pin.
His current owners are terrified this will happen again, since they’ve moved onto an unfenced property, and for Buddy’s well-being have asked us to find him a safe and perfect new home.
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