5-year-7-month-old Hendrix is a desexed male German Wirehaired Pointer (unknown cross, possibly Kelpie).

Originally adopted from the RSPCA as a wee pup, Hendrix has since been a well-loved and cared-for boy. His young growing family simply can no longer provide him with the attention and exercise he needs.

Hendrix is a darling. He loves human company and is very affectionate. He needs a good 1-2 hours of off-leash exercise daily. He’s very chilled around children and other dogs (for the most part ignores them), but will play energetically with another dog if all balls, toys, sticks are removed from the situation.

Hendrix responds well to commands, likes to stay with his human companions when out and about, but is a big puller on-leash. He would suit beach life or country life where he could romp, fetch and swim.

He needs a lot of companionship or he will suffer separation anxiety and become a tad destructive around the home.

If you are looking for a loyal, loving companion and could provide Hendrix with the exercise, stimulation and comradeship he needs, please phone Shell on 0458461935.

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