Goldie’s Good Luck
A kind & caring young couple travelling in their bus from WA with Ted their cattle dog, happened upon Goldie one day; tied up, under-loved & under-nourished (top-left photo). They ventured to ask the owner if they could walk Goldie, who said yes, take her, you can have her, we don’t want her.
Unable to travel with 2 dogs, the lovely young couple surrendered Goldie into CAWI’s care.
She was placed with tender loving fosterers in Brunswick Heads where she was nurtured & nourished.
Goldie, a female Staffie x Lab (?) was indeed the most loving gentle & agile bruiser of a girl, who could hurdle enclosures with ease & regularity, but who wooed her carers & all those who met her.
On this day, she leapt into her smitten adopters wagon, journeying to her 3-week trial at her new rural refuge with a  menagerie of new friends including the male Greyhound x Labrador, cats, ducks & chickens.
Good luck Goldie – we love you!