Gorgeous Benny boy melted hearts wherever he laid his sweet self. His previous owner and then his foster-carer both cried and cried as he tentatively walked toward his next escapade.

Benny is now very settled & happy living with his new adoptive mum Carrie, who recently retired and wanted some loving company. Who better for this undertaking than Mister Lovebug himself; Benny-boy!

Not only has he charmed himself onto THE bed, but Carrie’s best friend and walking companion has an adorable rescue Staffy herself, with whom Benny is now best chums; enjoying walks, beach visits & footy-play (check out the pics; Russel & Benny can barely be distinguished from one another – long lost twins??!!)

Many thanks must go to foster-carer Brigitte who helped Benny transition so smoothly & cheerily through a very tough adjustment period where he not only lost his dad but also his favourite balls 😉



Hi, I’m Benny, I’m a handsome obedient 6-year-old male English Staffordshire Terrier. I’ve been a very loved boy, but circumstances changed for my owner and now I’m being cared for by my Byron Dog Rescue peeps.

I had a mammoth day yesterday; I was surrendered, I was weighed (I’m a little chunky and need to lose a couple of kilos’), I was vaccinated, I was anaesthetised! and I WAS CASTRATED!!!

Kind Shell picked me up and took me on a rollercoaster journey to my lovely new foster-carer. She gave me a special yummy dinner and then we played ball in her beautiful yard.

I was pretty stressed and a bit sooky (I cried a bit), but everyone has made me feel so loved & nurtured, that I feel OK now.

I’m a big softie, a real lover. I’m good with other dogs too, but prefer humans of all sizes. If you would like to meet me, please call Shell on 0458461935.