Largo is a pure-bred impressively majestic desexed male Giant Shnauzer aged 7-years.
Largo is your ultimate companion, he adores his humans, loves cuddles and is incredibly well trained. Used as a show dog during his previous life, he is excellent on the lead and behaves well around other dogs in controlled circumstances such as dog training groups. As he received little other socialisation, he does become anxious around off-leash or excitable dogs.
Largo loves nothing more than a gentle walk each day, some fun training exercises and then to hang out with his humans. We would love for him to go to someone with experience of this breed, that would love an affectionate companion and has time to spend with him and continue his training. He would be best suited to acerage where he can run around, relax with his people and not be confronted by the stressors that come with living in the middle of suburbia.
For more information, or to organise a meet with Largo, please phone Charlotte on 0448658518.