Two months ago, 1-year-9-month-old Golden Labrador Rosie, was in trouble. Her owners were unable to give her the time, exercise and socialisation a very bouncy, robust, energetic girl like Rosie needed. She was escaping, running with traffic, endangering her life.

When I picked her up, she was completely manic, a child was throwing stones at her, the situation was out of control.

Safely surrendered into BDR’s care, Rosie played non-stop with my puppy in the back of the car, and was considerably calmed even by the time we reached Richie and her new foster-care sanctuary.

Richie very quickly introduced Rosie to off-leash beach-time, a training regime and amazing socialisation and play-time with two large, dynamic family dogs. Richie also introduced her to a fantastic diet which included sardines, eggs, brisket bones together with Richie’s gastronomical delights like “Kingfish lightly seared in ghee and olive oil with oat/barley/wheatgrass and dill microgreens” on special occasions.

Can you see where this tail 😆 is leading?

One day I messaged Richie to let him know that someone was very keen to meet Rosie. I didn’t have to wait long for the return call… “Sorry Shell, I really didn’t expect this would happen with my first foster dog, but she is PERFECT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER PERSONALITY, I’m going to have to adopt her!”

And so, sadly, BDR loses yet another brilliant foster-carer, but Rosie became HAPPY and thoroughly enjoys her new life with loving buddy, Richie. The End